Board Members for 2017

President:  Larry Weber – Geologist, TTL Inc., semi-retired
President-Elect:  Mary Hart – Representative,  Stones River Womans’ Club
Secretary:  Pam Huff – Convention Services Manager, Nashville Convention Bureau
Treasurer:  Robert McDonald – CedarStone Bank – Donelson

Tony Barrow – Client Services Manager, XO/Verizon
Betty Cannon – President, Stones River Woman’s Club
Carla Davis – Graphic Design Artist, RH Boyd Publishing Company
Ken Fieth – Archivist, Metropolitan Government
Sherri Forrest – Field Rep, Southern Pharmacy Cooperative
Christopher Glenn – Business Development Manager, Serra Chevrolet
Greg Hammond – Asst. Professor of History. Austin Peay State University
Cathy Holland – Director of Community Affairs and Customer Service, Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority
Beverly Oakley – Special Events Manager, Culbertson Mansion Historic Inn in Louisville, KY
Mickey Sullivan – Senior Principal, Gresham, Smith & Partners
Mary Beth Wilson – Director Campus Activity, McKendree Village
Patricia Rudy Woods – Principal, Rudy’s Farm Company of Tennesee
H.E. “Buddy” Wootten, III – VP Business Planning, Innovative Financial Group

Ex Officio Members

Phil Claiborne—Founder/President Emeritus
Jeff Syracuse – Metro Councilman, 15th District
Monique Odom – Director, Metro Parks & Recreation
Tim Walker – Director, Metro Historical Commission